Geoff Boyle NSC

Graces Story


Shot in Leeds in November 2012 on a C500 with EF lenses & Gemini recorder.
Workflow was all 4K with HD rushes in DNxND 36 for Avid offline.
Graded on a 27" iMac running Resolve and further graded on a Dell XPS 17 running Resolve.
Compiled, titled and noise reduced on the Dell with Premier Pro and Neat NR, a DCP 4K master was also made on this system.

Directed by Mike Lacey who I first met when he was a final year student in 2000!

The only member of the crew I'd worked with before was Gregg Smith who has AC'd for me for a long time.
Operater Steve Mitchel and Gaffer Stuart Coburn did a great job with limited resources and Josh Callis Smith worked as DIT and assistant editor and assistant colourist and anything image and digits related.



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