Geoff Boyle NSC FBKS


Ford Kuga SkySports

This is one of a series of spots that we shot at the same time. Most were centred around soccer stadiums.

We had 4 Alexas and a C500 with 3 * 15-40 Optimo's a selection of primes.

All cameras had spinning raindeflectors mounted and we carried a couple of spares as they tended to freeze up!

2 motion control rigs from Justin Pentecost, one inside a car and one mounted on the front, we also had a Russian Arm.

The C500 was specifcally for the night in the city shots as tests I'd done wioth it showed that it worked better in these conditions than the Alexa.

Graded by Seamus at The Mill

4 very long days shooting with 2 days of recce's


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