Geoff Boyle NSC

Meatloaf "Rock & Roll Mercenaries"

This was the first job that I shot with Terence Donovan. It was a very difficult experience, I'd got the job because of the way that I lit a documentary about him and it was my first major 35mm job.

He'd been one of the photographers whose work I'd really liked when I was at art college in the sixties and here I was lighting for him!. I had the additional problem of a crew that had worked with him for years and had expected his operator to be promoted to DP, instead he brought in a docco cameraman :-(.

He told me he wanted it to look as if it was lit with a "fish fryer" and when I immediately understood my stills background became clear to the rest of the crew.

I spent the whole shoot with the operator and AC double-guessing my lighting & exposure, "my contrast was far to high you'd never see his eyes!".

Well we did see his eyes and the operator left, he started lighting for Terence 6 years later when I left, the AC settled down over the next few shoots but only after a demonstration of how lighting can make his life hell :-).


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