Geoff Boyle NSC

Milk "It A'int Just Kids Stuff"

Having spent a day pre-lighting, on the first day of the shoot we decided that it was too "safe" and re-lit. The light level we shot at was dictated by the night lights that the art director liked. Our 10mm had a maximum aperture of T2 so that's where we shot it.
My last commercial shot on '94. It's probably the thinnest neg. I ever shot. I didn't find out how thin until the final telecine was done 6 months after the shoot.
A great source of amusement on the shoot was when I fell over, slipping on the coating of oil that covered the stage because of the amount of cracked oil I had pumped in.
Well, we had to wait for the animation.
  • Director Steve Lowe
  • Producer Ronnie West
  • Production Company RSA
  • Camera Operator Peter Turner
  • Colourist Fergus @ The Mill
  • Gaffer Keith Osborne
  • Grip Derek Russell


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