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A lovely job, it took me back to my roots in fashion stills.

I wanted a very soft look to this but without diffusing it, so I lit it with Dino's bounced off large windbags with clear glass 12 K HMI's gelled very warm to give it an edge.

This was the first time I used Primetime and the first time I transferred with Spirit, I ended up very impressed with both.

The Primetime held contrast that was totally lost on conventional stock. I was able to confirm this because as a result of a request from Mick@VTR we shot one sequence on '93 as well. This was actually shot so that he could do some tests on his Spirit but it gave us a wonderful side by side comparison.

The '93 looked harsh and lost both highlight and shadow detail when compared with the Primetime.

We mainly shot with 75 & 150 tilt & shifts to concentrate attention on the clothes, we also used the ramping facility of the 435 to slightly slow some turns and moves of the model.

  • Director Brian Percival

  • Gaffer Tony Wilcox

  • Colourist Seamus@VTR


All images & text copyright © Geoff Boyle