Geoff Boyle NSC

Lego "Space"

Our hero abseils into the facility, the top blows off the glowing container and Lego parts fly out.

He assembles a Space spider which we can also see assembling itself over his back and gradually taking him over.

The set design looked great on paper, it was a 360 degree set made of aluminium, but I knew I was safe because it was a matte surface aluminium with a heavy tread pattern on it.

Apparently my face was a sight to see when I first walked on the set and saw that it was actually plain shiny aluminium!!

Our AD though that it would look better.

After re-planning the lighting........... and wiping the blood off the set :-)

A lot of green-screen on this, we had to shoot a numerous of tests because of the semi-transparent blue-green nature of the models.

I was impressed by the narrow colour spectrum of the Kino-Flo tubes we used.

  • Director Brian Percival

  • Colourist Martin @ Warehouse

  • Gaffer Otto Stenov


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