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Lego "Technic"

I was involved in this from the very beginning and was able to work with the art director to build most of the lighting into the set.

The model tunnel was about 20 feet long and about 15 inches wide

About 300 feet of architectural tube lighting was built into the set and 4 Goya's were used to add shafts of light from the side.

To get a small amount of smoke into the tunnel meant that the studio had to be so smoked up that a person standing 6 feet away was invisible, this was because the heat of the tubes built into the tunnel caused a convection effect that removed the smoke from inside the tunnel!

We shot with Primetime and a 435, our grip made us a tiny spring mounted dolly so that we could track the camera through the tunnel.

The camera and model were moved at a constant speed and the impression of acceleration and speed was created by varying the camera's speed with the WLCC program.

We used the 10mm Zeiss extensively for this shoot, with Nikon lenses being used on the BNC we used for the building sequence.

  • Director Brian Percival

  • Colourist JC @ MPC

  • Gaffer Otto Stenov


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