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Thomson Holidays

I seem to have done a lot of holiday commercials this year. These frames are from a couple that I made for Thomson holidays.

The aim was to show the horrors that await from other holiday providers.

The stairwell was extended with a matte painting, as was the corridor outside the managers office. The ceiling of the interior of the managers office is a glass matte, it was great to shoot something like this in a traditional way and not to rely on post gimmickry to create it.

Of course the shot in the room where everybody is crammed in was done in post.

Even though it was mid-July the location section of the shoot in Malaga was rained off.

Shot with a 435 and 3 BL's, we had to leave camera's locked off to allow the matte artist to work with them.

Vision 320T & Diemen Speed Cookes

  • Director Kevin Moloney

  • Producer Ronnie West

  • Production Company TTO

  • Gaffer Gary Varney

  • Colourist Adrian @ The Mill

  • Camera Operator Tony

  • Grip Caddy



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