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Tine Yoghurt

A simple commercial, it's starts in close on the yoghurt pot that's in frame one and in one move pulls back to first of all reveal that it's not a quiet country scene but a building site and then continues out to an aerial wide shot of the entire power station. In one continuous shot of course!

We shot with an Adder crane, 45 feet extension, and a Cooke 14 to 70 zoom. The shot starts at 32fps at 70mm on a CU of the yoghurt, as we pull back, track & zoom, we reveal the pile of wood the model is sitting on and drop to about 25fps. As we pull back further and reveal that it's a building site we continue zooming out to 14mm and drop the speed to 6 fps by the time we're at frame 4. We then morph to a helicopter shot pulling back at 5 fps ramping to 50 fps at the end to stabilise the wide.

The sunshine was created with an 18Kw HMI hidden just out of camera shot and the colour was drained in TK out as we moved back.

  • Director Jorn Haagen

  • Colourist Max @ MPC

  • Camera Operator Jason Bulley

  • AC Graeme Dunne

  • Gaffer Andy Hebden



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