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First Choice Holidays

This is actually a compilation of several 5 second stings that we shot for First Choice, the location was the Canary Islands.

The crew was just Graeme & me with a 435 and primes from 10mm to 100mm and a Sachtler Video 18 H&L.

The choice was to shoot it in a studio in London for 2 days with a full crew or go on location in the sun for a week or so during an English winter but with a very limited crew. It was a very hard decision :-)

I succumbed to Graeme's prompting on the camel shot and did it with 2 grads, blue for the sky and coral for the sand dunes.

Shot on '45 with collapsible reflectors for fill, usually a very mild gold. The fire eating shot was done with V320 to hold the contrast and even then we had to transfer it in 2 passes and combine it later so that we could hold the sky & the flame.

Director Joe Wattleworth

AC Graeme Dunn

Colourist Adrian@Rushes

All text and images copyright Geoff Boyle