Day 6 The Taking

OK, I’m not managing to do a daily blog as I’d hoped, today is a late start because we’re shooting on the moors at night today.

Most days we start at 7:30am after a drive from our camera crew house to the unit base, the shooting day ends around 7pm but I’m then checking and correcting rushes which has me finishing anywhere from 9pm to midnight so no time for blogging.

Its been a variable week, I’m really happy with the look we’re getting and the Epics have only overheated and cut out twice so in that regard we’re doing well!

The 2AC’s who are actually final year film students have progressed pretty well, starting in startled deer in the headlights mode but now anticipating what we’ll need and making sure its there. One is picking it up faster than the other but hey! the race is only part way through, there’s lots of time to catch up and overtake…

Our operators aren’t as experienced as the guys I usually work with and there is a bit of bringing up to speed and a bit of “yeah I know you do it like that on your one man crew movies but that’s NOT how its done in the real world” again a difference in speed but again there’s time.

I nearly lost it with them a couple of days ago, “just what don’t you get about a door with windows either side being framed symmetrically?” I want precision, I want the start of a shot to be the same take after take after take, I don’t want ” Oh I thought that this would be better” just do it as it was set and rehearsed and switch the wannabe director/DP part of your brain off.

At one point I was looking for the operator with one leg and cataracts, I was sure that there must be one looking at the monitors.

I know I’m pushing them but hell, of course I will, that’s what I’m here to do!

I don’t care that the move means you have to wade through a swamp and that your trousers fell down and an alligator bit your balls, did you get the F’ing shot or not?

If not don’t give me excuses just get it right next time.

My lighting crew is doing a great job with very limited facilities, faster guys faster 🙂

Gregg my long time AC has been doing an amazing job holding it all together, we wouldn’t be shooting at all if it wasn’t for his wonderful variation between slow and patient and explaining clearly and the “for fucks sake just bloody do it”

I never thought I would say this but much as I love our director he needs to be more of a bastard and less considerate of the crew.

Dom, please, don’t ask. just bloody demand!


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