So, after a cold night slipping in mud up on the moors how was the first week?

Well, apart from the previous comments about crew, and please hold that bloody frame once we’ve agreed on it because there are people using it to do THEIR jobs and if you keep messing with it then the art dept doesn’t know what’s in shot, the electrical dept wastes time dealing with cables and flares that aren’t in shot and I get really pissed off.

Oh and keep your mouths shut, just do the bloody job, nobody cares about your theories or how you did a similar shot on your last 7D movie whilst we’re in the swamp up to our waists.

It also distracts the actors so show them some respect and let them do their jobs in peace.

On the equipment front, well, a lot of people think that I hate RED, I don’t that’s just a story put around by people who like to have an enemy to blame for their errors. Anyway, the Epic, as I said, it has over heated twice. Now guys, this is Yorkshire, it’s not exactly hot here…

I actually like the pictures out of the camera but the ergonomics are a beast. Unfortunately RED seems more concerned about what producers and directors think a camera should be than what cinematographers need. There aren’t as many boxes hanging off it as we’ve had in the past but there are still too many. That’s boxes to make it do what it should do in the first place.

The SolidGrip slider that we’re using is amazing, we’re getting tracks in minutes that would take an hour on a dolly and track check it out we have 4 lengths of the track and it’s just gorgeous.

The other life saver is the LitePanels 1*1 that is fully dimmable and colour correctable and runs most of the day on one camera battery it’s just so nice to have no cables.

I may be having a go at my crew but they are actually doing a great job under difficult circumstances, but I know that they can do a lot better.

Precision, symmetry, the only answers I want to hear are yes or no and if no WTF not!

Whether you get your next job or not, regardless of who its with, depends on how well you do this one.

Think about it…


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