Day 8 The Taking

I’m really feeling the effects of grading my own transcodes every night.

Luckily I’ve now got a very promising trainee data manager/DIT and that’s taking a lot of the pressure off.

A day chasing sun, or rather overcast as I had decided that clouds were more likely than clear skies. It was a day of pure 50/50.

Tedious as ever.

The material in the church last night where I took a serious chance with light has worked out well, it needs some help from Neat NR but it is all usable.

What happened was by the time we got to the location the light was going and I didn’t have enough light to do a serious lighting job so I looked at the interior and turned all the house lights off. It looked pretty cool with just the ambient light through the windows and a bit of candle light.

It read T1.3 at a stop and a half push, before Neat NR I’d never have tried it as it would have been a blizzard of noise, this time it worked, a tiny bit of LitePanels 1*1 at full tungsten and dimmed to the point where it would just stay on and the end result after a bit of tweaking in resolve looks gorgeous.

I have to sleep now, back to the market location tomorrow which should be fast as we marked all the final lamp positions last Wednesday. Wednesday being the only day we can get access.

Just a final word, I have no complaints about any of the crew today, they did a great job, the difference a week makes is just incredible so thanks guys, and guyess who joined us today.

Actually, I can’t post a blog that doesn’t complain about anyone so Al, our AD, it’s your turn! why? I’ll find a reason…

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