Day 10 into Day 11

I’m tired, very very tired, we are starting a run of nights now and I’m shattered before we start.

Combine that with losing Martin our second most experienced AC and I see more tiredness in my future, I don’t need Mystic Meg to make that prediction!

I did get delivery of a Leica M yesterday so that put a smile on my face and managed to distract me from my job…

Our universal trainee Jake is doing a great job of going from 3rd AD to 2nd Boom to data monkey, an Energiser Bunny, he just keeps on going and going with a smile all the time. AND he brings me lots of black coffee.

Just looked at his screen grabs and a slight addition to the previous paragraph, he’s discovered the grading controls in RCX and is wading in with wild abandon. Just a small tip, if the image is desaturated and cold it may be the way the DP intended. Small level corrections are fine, major re-grades will get you beaten around the head with the soggy stump of the arm I ripped of when I caught you at the trackpad and saturation.

The difference in both out operators and 2AC’s from day one is incredible, one still needs to grow Rhino Skin but…

The camera crew theme song courtesy of Tom Petty:-

“Rhino Skin”

You need rhino skin
If you’re gonna begin
To walk
Through this world
You need elephant balls
If you don’t want to crawl
On your hands
Through this worldYou need eagles wings
To get over things
That make no sense
In this world

You need rhino skin
If you’re gonna pretend
You’re not hurt by this world

If you listen long enough
You can hear my skin grow tough
Love is painful to the touch
Must be made of stronger stuff

You need rhino skin
To get to the end
Of the maze through this world

You need rhino skin
Or you’re gonna give in
To the needles and pins
The arrows of sin
The evils of men
You need rhino skin

So if I pass a gentle comment on your performance, I think gentle correction but you may hear WTF did you do that for?

Just think of Rhino Skin.

I’ll be playing the Christian Bale recording on set today just so all the camera crew know what being shouted at is really like 🙂

I’m getting great assistance from RED with translating the looks I’ve generated in RCX into ones that I can use in Resolve. Thanks guys, I like the pictures it’s just the ergonomics.


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