RED Data on The Taking

This is the first time I’ve shot a compressed format for quite a while and the reduced amount of data is quite remarkable.

We’re shooting at 4K WS and RC 5:1 and it looks like we’ll only shoot about 4TB of rushes with the DNxHD versions getting to maybe 350GB.

Sheer bloody luxury!

It’s a pity that RED dropped 4.5K WS when they moved from One to Epic as that size almost exactly matched S35 and I wasn’t having to keep recalculating lens sizes, is it a 32 or a 35 or a 40??

As I get more and more tired this takes up too much of the rapidly diminishing brain power.

I chose 4K rather than 5K because we’re delivering a 2K DCP master and it kinda makes sense to use a size that reduces simply.

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