The Taking, the missing days!

Hmm, I haven’t posted about e night shoots by e cemetery and the river.
The cemetery sequence involved a speeding police car and Vicky running and hiding but the way I wanted to shoot it meant that we had to overlap camera moves and run at frightening speed so that we could get 5 setups in about the same number of minutes.
Waiting until the light was just right, the last few minutes of magic hour combined with a 2.5kw HMI and a LitePanels battery unit, Magic Hour app on my iPhone was amazingly accurate. 9:37 predicted as optimum and we shot from 9:35 to 9:50.
Managed to grab a great shot of Vicky in silhouette against the last glimmer of light in the sky after that, then hanging around while we did night driving sequences.
The night before had Julian in waders operating camera in thigh waders deep in the river.
Another night where I became more and more convinced that people imprint on the glow from a monitor and follow it around like ducklings will imprint on anything nearby when they’re hatched and follow it around endlessly.
No reason to look at the monitor, almost nothing visible on the monitor, really only two people who need to see it, director and DP, but we can’t get near it for the swarms of ducklings, none of whom need to see it, why do costume and the painters and thatchers need to see an almost black silhouette? Of course they need to if there’s something to be seen but in the dark, backlit and underexposed there is nothing they can see, there’s nothing for the swarm of human moths to see but I have to fight my way to the monitor when I want to use it and when we want to quickly turn around instead of just turning the monitor off and being able to shoot we have to herd the swarm out of shot.
When I say everything is in shot I mean EVERYTHING! What don’t you understand about that?

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