Resolve 11 the good and the bad

Now that I’ve finished grading The Taking I thought I’d comment on R11…

Generally I love it, I particularly like the ability to group sequences and grade those groups pre and post an individual clip grade.

This means that an overall pre clip grade can be applied to a sequence to get the whole sequence into the general area and the each clip can be matched in the clip layer whilst post clip level can be used to add an overall look to that sequence. It makes changing your mind, or the director changing his, very easy, you just change the post clip layer.
Of course on top of all this you have a timeline layer that alters the look of the entire film, great for an overall desat or grain pass etc.

So whats wrong with this?

Well, the big problem is that when you export a project only the clip adjustments are carried over so when you get a completely different AAF from the editor you can’t just use trace color to recreate the grade.
You have to make sure that you save every pre and post grade to the gallery and then export that.
You then have to recreate the groups and add the pre and post grades. It’s a pain.

One of the big advantages to this system is that if you have a lot of VFX work, and we did, you can export DPX files with just the pre clip and clip setting for the VFX guys as these are just files which have been colour and exposure matched but not had a grade applied. You can then send them a reference QT file that has all the looks applied.

It’s relatively easy to then add the VFX shots back and get a totally matching look.

Please BMD add total layer matching to color trace…

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