When the men on the chessboard

To make sure that every time I go through the Radiotherapy device I am correctly aligned and that the right bits get zapped I am now tattooed with tracking marks!

It feels like I’m now part of a VFX shoot.

Simple dots to make sure that I am correctly aligned to each morning, lasers beams making sure I’m at the right angle. Wiggle this way, wiggle that way, hold your breath

Of course that’s only half of it, the other half is the Chemo or drugs, more drugs than I’ve taken since the late 60’s!!


This is my stash for the rest of the month.

33 boxes of various varieties, which leads me to the title of the post. One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small…

No dreadful side effects yet but there’s plenty of time, apparently the pain will be at its worst 2 weeks after I finish Radiotherapy. Pass another patch!

Remember what the dormouse said

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