Week 4 of 5

Well, it could be worse 🙂

Apparently in the UK, US & OZ Radiotherapy is 5 days per week for 5 weeks and Chemo is by IV in weeks 1 and 4.

Here, the Radiotherapy is the same but Chemo is by tablet 7 days per week for all 5 weeks.

This may be why my side effects aren’t as bad as I’ve read, and believe me I’ve read a lot of info posted on the web about this!

I do get tired very easily, very very tired but I’m not getting nauseous and apparently I should be as sick as a dog. Now this may be because of the different dosing approach but I don’t think so. I have a pile of anti-nausea drugs that I’ve been given but not used. I really didn’t want to use them as the side effects are just horrible!

I’m using Sea Bands instead, pressure bands for your wrists that are designed to fight sea sickness. I’ve used them for years to prevent sea sickness and they have been brilliant, even making me feel fine when on an ocean going tug in the English Channel trying to film Beachy Head for the opening of the Disney channel in Europe where everyone else on the shoot was projectile vomiting and the whole thing had to be called of and  shot another day.

So, if they work for that…I hoped that they would work for the Chemo induced nausea and they do!!

Thats the good news, the bad news, and you can turn away now if you’re squeamish, is what the Radiation does to your arse. I was warned in detail and the warnings have come true. Your cheeks get very inflamed, sore and can ulcerate. This is because the radiation bounces around between them. This is so far the worst aspect of it all.

The pain can be controlled using Fentanyl patches, I’m now on 3* what I was when I started and I expect to go up another notch tomorrow, and also with sub-lingual Fentanyl that is there for peaks in pain and dissolves under your tongue.

I also have Lydocain cream for the glowing cheeks!

The pain is still building and apparently will continue to do so for 2 weeks after I finish treatment.

The worst side effect is lethargy and vagueness, on that note I’ll pop off and call KLM to alter the date of the return flight I booked yesterday, not fully paying attention and it’s for the wrong date

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