Now stand and allow to continue cooking

OK, the microwave went ping and I was put to one side to continue cooking.

My Microwave Chef, more commonly known as my Radiologist, said that I should be at about my peak pain level yesterday. Just over 2 weeks after the cooker went ping!

I’m now at 6* the dosage of Fentanyl that I was initially and I reckon I will probably need to be tweaked up to 8* after the weekend. Of course the soluble under my tongue tablets for pain breakthrough episodes have been doubled in strength as well.

In another 2 weeks I take a trip to Gouda to use the MRI there because it is apparently a higher resolution than any of the other ones around here. I then meet with my Surgeon and Radiologist and we talk about what happens next.

I’m back working, my first flight since this started is tomorrow, going to Birmingham City University to put fear and dread into the minds of the students. Or to make them focus on all the aspects of getting a job that they will naturally ignore 🙂

I have to use this post to thank all the people who have contacted me with messages of support, you are all amazing.

I’d also like to thank the medical staff who I’ve dealt with who have been totally amazing and supportive. They have gone above and beyond their jobs in all kinds of ways.

Finally as I said to my radiologist yesterday…If I’m taking so many drugs why aren’t I having fun?


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