Making images is what I do!

I think we, cinematographers, have lost track of what we do.

I got interested in making images, not the technology.

I got a Brownie 127 when I was 8 and fell in love with the process of making images and the effect that those images could have on people.

As I moved from stills to film to video back to film I never thought about the technical specs of the format I was using.

Oh I was aware of the dynamic range that it could cope with and how it reacted to different colours and could I push or pull it and so on but I never thought “Hmm, must consider the LPM response of this film and what’s the MTF of it”

I looked at the pictures and decided good or bad.

Far too many people in our business now sell their ability to use a tool and not their ability to make images that will move you.

They devalue what we do and also allow some manufacturers to confuse people about their kit, to get people to make judgements on numbers and not on pictures.

Lets get back to looking at and talking about images.

But most of all lets just get out there and make great images.

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