Bad Framing

Why is it that some TV shows seem to think that anything other than an ECU is wrong?

A recent food programme was made unwatchable by the continuous use of extreme close ups.

Whilst big close ups may have made sense in an age of 7″ CRT’s now with 32″ almost a small set and 50″ common some of the framing we see now is positively painful.

I really don’t want to see a presenter cropped at the eyebrows and chin, they’re far bigger than real life with this framing and as for the CU’s following food details…

Pull back! I want to see what they’re doing.

A lot of potentially very enjoyable programs are being ruined by extreme close ups of moving objects that the operators are incapable of following or holding in focus.

Maybe if they used trained operators instead of some trainee straight from college who has a great understanding of the theory of TV & film but F’all real knowledge of the mechanics…

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