3 years on

It’s 3 years now since I was told I had 9 months to live.

I’ve had my arse removed, a chunk of my liver removed and half a lung went this year.

The thing is that I’m doing well, as fit and healthy as I’ve ever been for a very long time. I cycled 40K yesterday.

I croak still, they’re working on fixing the issue with my vocal cords but I do voice exercises that help and in 8 months they will be able to operate to fix it if I’m not happy with progress in a non-operative world 🙂

The reason I blog about cancer is to try and encourage people to not give up. It can be a killer but giving up is the major killer, not the disease!

It’s a hell of a shock when you get the diagnosis, it’s not real, that hits later.

I worked to get everything sorted for imminent death and that’s been really useful. I’ve dealt with all kinds of things that people put off until it’s too late.

I’m more relaxed and happier than I have been for a long long time.

So if you are diagnosed with something horrible, chill, it’s not the end of the world 🙂

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