Recovery from surgery, again!

I had throat surgery on Friday to try and fix the problems created by the surgeon who did my lung op and accidentally nicked my vocal cords…

I’ve has 2 previous attempts to fix this by injecting fillers into the vocal cords but each time it wore off in a few weeks and I was left whispering with a very hoarse voice.

5 days ago on Friday, they tried a new approach which meant a GA and a much more invasive approach.

First, it seems to have worked! my voice is approaching near normal sound. I can’t shout or whisper but I can talk in a normal way and I sound like a normal person rather than someone who makes obscene phone calls 🙂

The downside is that it has hurt like hell but hey! ya don’t get owt for nowt.

The result is that you can expect to see me at exhibitions and conferences doing my best to upset everyone 🙂

LUMC, Leiden University Medical Centre are brilliant.

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