Hmm, a different future

I had my 4 monthly scan 3 weeks ago and it wasn’t good news.
My CT scan showed a lot of very small shadowy tumours, far too many to be dealt with via surgery. I was passed on to the Chemo specialists.
I am starting Chemo next week, it’s a mixed approach, tablets daily, the same drug I had 4 years ago but which they think is right for now and a 3 weekly infusion of another drug.

Neither of these drugs will cure cancer but they will slow it down and if I’m very lucky may well stop it.

I asked about life expectancy and was told that it was very difficult as I was “an anomaly” in that looking at my earliest scans from 4 years ago they would have said that I had 2 years or maybe 3 at best. Statistically I should be dead now 🙂
Bearing that in mind they said they would guess at 2 years but would update that as treatment continued!

So, The Black Knight continues 🙂

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