It’s getting to the point

The next line is “where I’m no fun anymore” maybe for me right now the I’m should be changed to life.
I’m losing my positive attitude as my life is slowly whittled away.
Nothing major, just lots of little things.
I can’t sit out in the sun because the chemo makes my skin hypersensitive.
I have to cough more because the chemo causes me to create more saliva, this results in more swallowing which is an issue because of the surgery to deal with cancer in my trachea.
I have to concentrate on swallowing otherwise liquids go the wrong way and I start to drown.
I cough as a result. Intense coughs which strain the area around my stoma so whenever I cough I have to hold my stomach still.
I bleed more easily which causes problems with my stoma when I cycle.
I can’t eat when I want to, I have to eat to fit into a pattern that works with my chemo, a pattern that is totally different from how I normally eat.
And on and on it goes.
PMA, well yes but there does come a point.
A point that I thought was far in the future but one that seems to be rushing towards me at an alarming rate.

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