Three score years and ten

Well, I never expected to get here 🙂

Of course now I’m here 70 doesn’t seem old at all.
I remember agreeing with the “never trust anyone over 30” idea and then suddenly I was over 30 and it was good.
I didn’t really notice 40, I was far too busy.
50 should have been a milestone but again life distracted me.” Maybe if I’d lived here I’d have celebrated as “meeting Abraham” is widely celebrated here.
60, I knew I should be feeling old but I wasn’t so…
70, well, I didn’t expect to get here because of the cancer but I don’t feel old. Old people are in their late 80’s and more!

Funny how your concept of old changes.

Physically I am of course ageing, but mentally I think I’m more active than ever. I’ve never been able to remember peoples names anyway 🙂
Yes, I do sometimes find myself in a room wondering what I came here for but that’s the aliens in the doorways with their mind wiping devices. They realise that as you get older you see through their cloak of deceit. Or is that politicians…

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