Chemo may not be totally evil!

After my last adventures with chemo I swore never to go that route again, but the tumours started growing again and I talked at length with my oncologist…

The outcome is that I’m now on a different form of chemo, a fortnightly infusion.

It’s an infusion that has been reported to have horrid side effects but they’re using it in a different way to the US here in the Netherlands. Instead of a large dose every 3 weeks I’m getting a smaller dose more often.

This appears to work. Most important of all I’m not getting stupid and lethargic. I do get nauseous for the first 4 days or so after the infusion but anti-nausea drugs work well. It has an effect on my digestive system about a week in, it swings both ways! diarrhoea and/or constipation. After 4 years of living with a stoma this is easy 🙂

So, nothing horrible, but is it working? I’ll find out in January when my next CT scan is scheduled.

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