Not evil but does it work?

After my January scan we found that whilst the most recent chemo may not be evil it wasn’t doing a lot!

So we changed to an Antigen treatment, this is DNA based and more specific. The side effects are very dry skin, zits and general fatigue as well as all the usual things to do with your stomach.

Of course that wasn’t enough as the tumour in the lymph node in my throat was pressing on my vocal cords sop my voice was hoarse and breathy again. I’ve just finished a course of 10 radiotherapy hits on that tumour. A strange experience and not one for anyone with claustrophobia.

They mold a plastic mask to your face and this is used to bolt your head into position for each session. It’s confining and scary. Your head and throat are totally encased with holes for your mouth, eyes and the area they are going to irradiate. Luckily they’re short sessions. I’ll get the results of this next week.

On top of this, possibly a side effect of the radiotherapy, I went completely deaf in my right ear. Testing and drugs followed, I’m now half way through the drug therapy and there is some improvement but not a lot…

Apart from all that I actually feel fine! I just wish I could get out to bars and restaurants etc. Covid restrictions are having more of an effect on me that the cancer.

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