Close to the end

I gave up on chemo in February, the side effects just got too bad.

Nature is now taking its course, the tumours keep growing, and I get tired and breathless as they do.

I closed my connection with CML at the end of July. This was a hell of a jerk after 25 years but we need to establish who is running it now and who is in charge.

The pain increased considerably and after trying to use Tramadol to control it I’ve now been on Fentanyl patches for 4 weeks and that, together with the odd Oxycodon, seems to do the job.

I’ve already mentioned euthanasia and have had several meetings with my doctors about it and everything is as much in place as it can be until I say NOW! it’ll take a week or 2 from that point.

I’m not going to rush into that and as long as my quality of life is good I’ll continue but once it becomes a painful struggle I’m off out of here 🙂

We’re making a point of celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in style and having a great time in hotel suites that have something special about them and that have great restaurants either in the hotel or nearby.

The Hotel New York in Rotterdam and its basement restaurant that because of covid is under canvas at the riverside. Gorgeous

The Grand Hotel Amraf in Amsterdam which used to be the headquarters of the Dutch East India Company and the decoration has been untouched and we had 2 of the directors’ offices as a suite. No restaurant but at the nearby Amsterdam Centraal station is the 1st class restaurant which used to be the 1st class waiting room in times gone by. Good food, outstanding service and great surroundings.

The Hotel Java again in Amsterdam, a very modern hotel with the Wow suite. Yes, we booked it and Wow! the room is a triangle suite with glass on 2 sides, it’s on an island in the middle of the river and the view is as if you are on the prow of a ship, we’re going back next week. The restaurant is limited but very good, eating either on a terrace by the river or in a good dining room.

I’m also finally back on my bike. I’ve not been able to cycle until we got my opiate dose sorted as my attention tended to wander. This led to the imminent possibility of a visit to a canal or 2 🙂

I did 12Kms this morning and will start to build up again.

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