Hacking the CML website


I can sorta understand the bragging rights of hacking into a very visible system, and CML is definitely not that.

The initial hacker understood this, it’s why he promoted his hack as getting into a millionaire film producers personal site, as if!

He added a folder and some files and says he did nothing else.

Well, there are well over 1,000 damaged pages on CML, I’ve repaired 660 of them so far, some are relatively easy to fix, some are most definitely not and it looks like 6 are gone forever.

It’s obviously a viscous attack as the damage is dome mainly to the links to sponsors sites.

The original hacker was asking how to monetise his “achievement” suggestions included hijacking the site and holding it to ransom.

Someone certainly tried to hack my PayPal account and to change my passwords at various banks.

If someone ran down a high street smashing shop windows he’d be dealt with very quickly, if you could find any high streets still around!, but this online vandalism really isn’t taken seriously enough.

Well you pathetic fuck, well done, you’ve caused huge damage to an educational site that helps people progress, I hope you live the life you deserve.


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