Cancer survivor

I’m not a cancer survivor and I hate the term.
I have had cancerous tumours in my rectal/colon area, my liver and my lungs.
Each time a bit has been removed and I’ve been “clear” until a future scan shows a new tumour.
An indicator is found in blood tests, I am currently clear. My current CT scans are clear.
Update 9/11/2020, since I wrote that I’ve had surgery to remove a tumour from my Trachea and then 4 months after that the scan showed small tumours in my remaining lung. Surgery couldn’t be done so I reluctantly agreed to chemo, horrible. I stopped it after 2 sessions of 3 weeks each. I’d rather die than live like that!
My latest scan showed that chemo had reduced my tumours by about 10% so now we’re waiting until my next scan to see what happens and then we’ll make decisions…

I am not “brave” dealing with having cancer.
A firefighter who runs into a burning building is brave.
A woman who runs into the bush to rescue a burning Koala is brave.
4 guys who get in a Land Rover and drive across a desert to blow up missiles are brave.

People with cancer are not brave they are simply unfortunate and have to learn to cope.

I get really pissed off when people say “you’re looking well considering” considering what!
I’m either looking good or I’m not.

If you get cancer it’s a pain, often quite literally, but it’s no reason to give up.

It’s no reason for people to expect you to give up.

If you have or get cancer tell the world to fuck off when they feel sorry for you.

Get on with your life.

There’s also the issue of “being in remission” people assume that in-between tumours you are in remission.

WTF does that mean? It’s not something I’ve ever heard from my doctor’s. They simply say that I’m clear at the moment.

I would say that cancer is like alcoholism, you’re never cured. You’re always an alcoholic waiting to fall off the wagon and you’ve always got cancer. If you’re lucky the intervals between tumours are long but you never relax or forget that you have cancer.

While I’m having a rant i may as well mention that a lot of people with cancer don’t want to talk about it or have people know they have it. This is sad, talking about it can help and sharing knowledge definitely helps.

Like death it’s something “we don’t talk about” well we should. I have made it very clear that quality of life is much more important than quantity. I don’t want to end my life sitting in a room full of other old people unaware of who or where they are as they sit in piss soaked clothes.

Die with dignity.