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Lego "Adventure"

This was the largest SFX shoot I'd done up till then.

We had 2 MoCo units and 60 odd feet of greenscreen, every shot was a composite, most multiple composites with one shot being made up of 45 elements.

We had to scale the boy down to match the size of the Lego models, this worked out to be 29.73 to 1 (roughly), so for every 6 inches that we tracked on the model set we had to track about 15 feet on the greenscreen with the boy.

We had so many shots to do that we built 2 identical model sets, each with it's own MoCo, we also had the large greenscreen mentioned earlier, a smaller greenscreen set for his CU's and, of course, a 435 on the set of his bedroom.

It was lit totally with HMI's and shot with Vision 250, the lighting level was fairly high as we wanted to keep the feel of a real exterior shoot which meant shooting at T11. This was difficult at times as we were shooting at up to 150fps. In fact on some of the high speed close ups we got to melting point, with smoke coming off the set.

Director Brian Percival

Colourist Mick @ VTR

Gaffer Otto Stenov

Camera Operator Jason Bulley

MoCo Damian Davidson

All text and images copyright Geoff Boyle